Do You Have An Untested Faith?

Do you lead a life of untested faith?  Where do you turn when troubles hit?  Do you run?  Do you hide?  Is your faith a strong shield of protection or is it soft and brittle?  It’s true, living a life of unapologetic faith in Christ is costly, but what about the alternative and the cost of that longterm?

In my new movie LOVE COVERS ALL, I wanted to approach a topic as a filmmaker that is as untested as the faith of so many in America (including mine if I can be perfectly honest with you).  I wanted to see a story with a Christian character who had some real issues to deal with.  Often for films made for the Christian audience, the movie focuses more on validation.  The Christian character is rarely flawed.  He says a lot of the right things, does a lot of the right things, etc.  We rarely get a glimpse of something real, a glimpse of that snippet of time in our lives when things are exceptionally bad.  There are lessons to be learned in those moments.  It might not be as comfortable, but who in their right mind would stay at any church where feelings and validation trump truth and preparation?  Is that a church worth attending, or a ministry led by a preacher worth listening to?  Movies that validate and encourage are perfectly fine, we all need a little encouragement now and then, and in the end LOVE COVERS ALL is an encouraging film, but to reach redemption, there is a journey to take and a storm to wade through.

Going through the fire makes us stronger.  It’s important in these faith-based movies coming out that more reality be introduced now and then.  The Christian can’t always be the one with the right answers.  Sometimes we simply don’t have them, though the romanticized lens we love to look at ourselves through would say different.  Sometimes the spiritual smack upside the head doesn’t come from a likely source.  There are times when the comments or observations of an unbeliever or a skeptic show us who we really are.  It’s always amazing to me when God uses someone unexpected to teach us lessons, sometimes deep theological lessons.  Are you looking for those opportunities to grow and learn?

I think we need more stories out there with a Christian worldview that take characters with faith in Christ through the muck, the dirt, and the storms.  Christian movies or movies about topics of faith are so important in our culture.  Honest stories that provide a mirror for us in our day-to-day, that give us something to ponder and chew on when they’re over.  I hope that LOVE COVERS ALL encouraged you to examine yourself and your relationships with others.  I hope it inspires you to watch how you walk before others and the witness you’re leaving.  These are important issues to think about.  The world is broken, Christ is the answer, and we have the Gospel.  What are we waiting for?

If you get yourself a copy of LOVE COVERS ALL on DVD, I hope it’s encouraging and edifying to you and your family and that you share it with everyone you can. Help me get the message of this movie out there! :)


Kyle Prohaska, Director
Praise Pictures

Is the Church missing the mark?


In the new movie LOVE COVERS ALL, a Christian character named Michael gets stuck in a difficult situation only to make matters worse by his interaction with a stranger.  Do we in the church sometimes miss the mark by how we treat others?  Do we make mistakes?  Do we fail others?  I think the answer is YES, but how does that affect our storytelling and the films we make?  Film is about stories, it’s about characters, it’s about themes.  There’s no triumphant win without knowing the pain of loss, there’s no joy in being found without the sorrow of being lost, and spiritually there’s no need for redemption without the impact of sin.

There is a problem I see in evangelicalism.  It’s a problem in our churches, in our homes, and in ourselves.  It’s pride.  It’s arrogance.  It’s the fear of man instead of the fear of God.  We have this fleshly ability to brush off our mistakes instead of owning them.  We fear damaging the church’s reputation, so we keep silent and problems aren’t dealt with as they should be.  We miss the crucial fact that churches are not museums for saints but hospitals for sinners, us included.  There is freedom in recognizing error and faults in ourselves and admitting it to others, because in that moment of humility, God has a chance to shine, and the light of His redemption and grace can come through.  God gave us a church family for a reason.  Why do we hide this?  Being sanctified is the gracious act of a Holy God.  The church is God’s first and ours second.  Being cleansed from sin and finding victory over it is the way in which God designed the journey of faith, and yet we shove this away when things get tough in fear of a lighter collection plate.  In our effort to “protect” ourselves and our churches we allow them to be infested with a spirit of fear instead of a spirit of openness and grace.  There’s something beautiful about standing in front of someone and saying “I am flawed.”  We should always strive to be like Christ, but if we’re honest with one another (and if I’m being honest with you) that isn’t how things work most of the time.  If I look back to the times when God was working on me the hardest, it was in my failure, not my success.  This is difficult for us to swallow, particularly in America, where the culture constantly tries to tell you how awesome you are, how perfect you are, and how you should be proud of exactly who and what you are.  This is not the Gospel.  The Gospel says we are all broken and needy people, who need the strength and power of a Gracious God to save us from ourselves and our sin.

I hope that as the Christian film industry continues to grow, we see more and more movies of all sorts and kinds, and that more films come along that try to show Christians as we can truly be sometimes…flawed.  This is NOT for the purpose of tearing us down, but quite the opposite!  Whether or not I accomplished these goals with LOVE COVERS ALL is for all of you to decide.  I’m a flawed person myself, and until a film makes its way into the world, you just never know how it’ll go. :)  My prayer for this movie is that it would inspire people to a spirit of grace, that people would mend relationships, see areas in their life that need improvement, and see the hope found in Christ.  The love of God in the Gospel is the greatest love the world has ever known.  No matter how bad things have gotten, no matter how awful things feel, no matter how hurt you’ve become, no matter how far down the wrong path you’ve strayed, it’s never too late for a fresh start!

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Kyle Prohaska, Director
Praise Pictures

A New Christian Movie Goes DIGITAL


Like anybody else, I sometimes get caught in the whirlwind of technology.  It changes so fast!  Remember VHS?  Laserdisc?  Where’d they go!?  It was DVD, then HD DVD and Blu-ray, and now Digital is starting to make it’s mark.  What’s the big deal?  Well…

It’s no secret that the church tends to be the last in embracing new arts and technology.  The Christian film industry is still so new!  We left this art form alone for decades while it grew in the secular space!  It’s time to be on the bleeding edge and leading the charge, not following the world from behind!  New ways of viewing movies can be intimidating but hopefully for some of you on the edge, we can offer some help.  It’s true, most will see our next movie LOVE COVERS ALL on DVD, and that’s perfectly fine, but some want it a different way.  We’re offering a Digital Purchase Option of the movie through a revolutionary platform called VHX.  I’ve interacted with them personally and they’ve proven to be extremely kind and supportive.

After ordering you’ll get a link in your email inbox to stream the movie right there on your computer, tablet, or phone!  What about downloading?  That’s the beauty!  You can stream or download the film itself along with all the bonus features that are included on the DVD version.  This is a new concept for some.  For those more comfortable with platforms like iTunes or Amazon VOD, it will be available there as well, so don’t worry!

One crucial strength of the Digital release is it makes the film available in countries that could never get the DVD.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, if you have an internet connection, you’ll have access to this movie and it’s message.  This is a fantastic opportunity!  Who knows how far the message could spread?  If you know anyone in another country who may enjoy this film, be sure to send them the link, there’s no reason they should miss out!

Pre-Order on Digital

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Kyle Prohaska, Director
Praise Pictures

A Different Kind Of Christian Movie?


The next movie from Praise Pictures called LOVE COVERS ALL is now available on DVD.  But what’s it about?  What’s the story?  What makes it different?

When I sat down to write the next movie I would make, I had certain key goals in mind.  Things I wanted to accomplish and improve on as a filmmaker, and also a desire to do something a bit different, something uncommon.  The average Christian movie with a Christian character shows that person living their life, doing what they should be doing most of the time, quoting Bible verses or sharing truth with others.  All of this is fine, but I thought it was time we saw something else, and saw the Christian life from a different angle, a more relatable angle.  I don’t know about you, but most of the time I’m not quoting Bible verses and saying the right things when I interact with others.  Sometimes I say the wrong thing, I make mistakes, I get angry, prayer can be the last thing on my mind in a moment of frustration, and sometimes all of these bad traits are seen by others, people who expect more from me (rightfully so) as a Christian.

This is something I don’t see in a lot of faith-based movies.  Often, the Christian is the one with the answers, the one who swoops in to save the angry-athiest or the lost soul.  I think what struck me when sitting down to write this film, is that more often than not, we’re the ones that need saving.  The Christian life isn’t about being the savior, it’s about being the saved, and in living that out pointing to the one who IS the Savior.  But we don’t always point to Christ do we?  Sometimes we do stupid things, and the world sees us at our worst.  This was something I wanted to explore with the story of LOVE COVERS ALL and it’s characters.  I wanted to explore a difficult subject, but lead to a redemptive conclusion that could inspire others!  Did I accomplish what I’m explaining?  When the film releases, I’ll let all of you be the judge of that. ;)

In this film, our main character named Michael is put in a pressure-cooker of a situation when his wife Sarah goes into labor while he’s away on a business trip.  Things get more complicated when his car breaks down on the way home.  Stranded in the middle of the night, he bumps into an old gas station owner named Bob who helps Michael in his dilemma.  But as the night progresses and the birth gets closer, Michael’s options to get home grow thin, and Bob’s real intentions come to light as he pokes and prods Michael with questions about himself and his faith.  Michael, being in a difficult situation, doesn’t respond the way one “should” but in the way most of us “would.”  Angry, confused, and concerned about his wife, Michael’s response to Bob’s continued questioning is anything but Christian…leading both men and the entire night to a conclusion neither of them expect.

I think it’s time we see more films about Christian life as it really is.  Hopefully by God’s Grace this movie can serve as an example.  Sometimes we mess up, and in our failure, Christ has a chance to shine.  In our failure and our need to apologize, God shows His Grace to us and to others through us.  The moments that grow us the most are the moments that test us the most!  I wanted to take the typical paradigm of a Christian movie and flip it on its head.  Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone outside our bubble of Christianity, to show us who we really are!

When you see this movie, I hope you’re challenged and inspired.  I hope the message of the film captures you and causes you to reflect on the testimony we leave in front of others.  You never know when someone is watching!  But when we do make mistakes (not if, but when), LOVE is the answer.  LOVE from God pumping through us and transforming us, and in return transforming other people.  When storms come and your faith is tested, it’s never too late for the fresh start!

Please pray for me as I finish up Post-Production on this film, ramp up the marketing, and get ready for the films release.  Any film that gets completed is a miracle, and I thank God every day for bringing me this far.  I’m so grateful for all of you on our Facebook page!  God has really Blessed us with an exploding fan base who I hope will enjoy the movie and give it a look.  Lord willing, if the film does well enough, we’ll be able to do another!  That’s the goal anyway! :)  Prayers appreciated for me and my family during this busy time!  Every supporter matters!

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God Bless,
Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

A Busy Month


This month has been pretty crazy trying to finish LOVE COVERS ALL.  I’m preparing to leave for Nashville this weekend for the final Sound-Mix.  That means my music composer Jurgen Beck is going to be working day and night this week to complete the final music for the film.  Along with the cleaned up sound and dialog, Jurgen’s wonderful music will be mixed in and balanced so you all can enjoy the film, hear things clearly, and feel the emotion in the right doses!

I’m starting to feel the weight of release coming down on me.  So much hangs in the balance and must be juggled every day to keep moving forward.  Who’s handling what?  What are the schedules?  Can I make my delivery date?  How are the foreign deals going?  Can I afford everything ahead of me?  How’s my family doing?  How’s my job going?  How am I doing?  When do I sleep?  You get the picture!  Many have teams to handle this sort of thing.  I have me, a supportive wife, and an online community of friends and family who are rooting for me.

Some sites are listing the movie for Pre-Order.  The best place right now is so if you’re interested, go for it! The trailer for the movie was also released last friday which seemed to get a good response from people.  The real challenge ahead is the marketing and trying to keep my head on straight with so many other things to do.  I know they say never bet the farm but it sure feels like I am on this one.  I’m selling camera gear and anything I have lying around to have as much marketing money as possible.  Go big or go home I guess!

On a road like this you have many days where you wonder “Why do I even do this!?” or “What is the point?”  These last months before a release is where the stress, anxiety, and darkness really closes in on you if you’re not careful.  Of course, God helps lift you out of that rut, but this is a tough road to hoe, and most days you feel like a boxer against the ropes.  If I look to myself for strength, I will fail miserably.  Please, pray for me.  Pray for me, my wife, and my kids.  This job can take its toll on a household!

For those of you reading, I appreciate your support.  When you hold the DVD of LOVE COVERS ALL in your hand on October 7…Praise God…and thank Him…I know I will.  Any film that gets completed let alone released is a miracle.  To put it plainly, I need you, this film needs you, I think you’re going to enjoy it, and Lord Willing when it’s over, you’ll find yourself edified, inspired, and ready to face the day with Christ on your mind and love in your heart.

Hands to the plow,
Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

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LOVE COVERS ALL – Prayer Request Update


Do you love Christian movies?  Do you want to see more of them?  My company Praise Pictures is a movie studio dedicated to making films with spiritual impact.  LOVE COVERS ALL is the next movie from Praise Pictures and will be released on DVD October 7th.

You’ll be able to get it online at sites like and Amazon as well as Christian Bookstores like Lifeway and Family Christian.  The trailer for the film will be releasing soon so keep your eyes open!

LCA-Cover-Test29jc-REDBOX5_trajanThe film isn’t complete yet and there are a lot of things to be done.  The next 30-40 days are crucial and I need your help.  I do not have a large team.  Praise Pictures headquarters operates out of the office at home.  This is no big corporation with a large team!  The encouraging posts I put up daily on our Facebook page that have inspired and encouraged so many of you are made right here at my desk. :)  The way I see it, you supporters out there ARE MY TEAM!  Will you pray for me?  Some of the things I need prayer for are the following:

- The completion of the films music by composer Jurgen Beck.  He is working hard everyday to meet his deadline.  Please pray that God would Bless his efforts and that the music would be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

- Pray for the team in TN who are working on the sound-mix for the film.  Sound is crucial to a films success.  Pray God Blesses their efforts!

- Pray for God’s Blessing on distribution of the film.  I have been working hard talking to international distributors in hopes of getting the film placed in other countries as well as US TV stations.  I want this film to impact as many people as possible!  God’s favor in these things is a must.

- Pray for those who will be impacted by this film when it comes out October 7th.  I know the power that movies and media can have in the lives of others, so please pray that God Blesses the message of LOVE COVERS ALL and uses it to impact many.

- Pray that God would create a social media firestorm when our movie trailer releases soon.  Pray that people would respond and share the video with their friends and family.  We need to start making a buzz so people around the country can start hearing about this movie!

- Pray for me and my family in this very busy and difficult time.  Filmmaking can be time consuming and stressful.  Our movie is important, but no movie is worth the spiritual health of any family!  Pray God sustains us in this season.

Thank you for your prayers!  I think LOVE COVERS ALL has the potential to succeed my expectations but without the favor of God and the support of His Church…it’s not going to happen.  God Bless You!

- Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

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Post-Production Update

Rusty Whitener as BOB in "Love Covers All"

Rusty Whitener as BOB in “Love Covers All”

Things have been really busy here at the “office” since I last updated you.  By office of course I mean the basement of my home where Praise Pictures operates from. :)  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a 25 year old father of 2 now living in North GA with my beautiful wife.  We came down here from NY State a few years ago.  Praise Pictures isn’t some massive corporation with a ton of employees.  I run everything here from home, and my wife helps handle the filing of paperwork.  Most filmmakers trying to make God honoring content work like this out of their home.  We support our families with what we do, and we work very hard!  It’s important to me that those who support my company understand who they’re supporting.  If you order a copy of LOVE COVERS ALL when it debuts on DVD in the fall, you’re helping support a company but also helping support me and I’m very grateful for that.  That begs the question, how is the film doing?

Things are going very well!  The score and sound-mix is underway which is exciting.  The music so far sounds wonderful and should add a lot to the final product.  I’ve just recently hired a company in Franklin, TN to mix the sound and they’ve been a joy to work with.  The trailer for the film is nearly completed with a sound-mix scheduled locally on friday.  I can’t wait to show you what this film is all about!  I’m still determining the ideal time to debut the trailer so stay tuned for that!

Distribution has been the greatest struggle on the film and the area where I could use the most prayer.  Not because things are going so badly but because they’re going so well!  I have an opportunity to get this film in front of far more people than the previous movie STANDING FIRM.  This is exciting, but it also means there’s a lot of work to do.  Possible distribution through avenues like Redbox and Walmart currently hang in the balance.  This would be HUGE for a film like mine.  However, along with that distribution comes a heavy financial responsibility.  The investment alone to put enough copies on Walmart shelves is daunting.  A great return requires a great risk.  No matter what distribution avenue you support the film from, I’m counting on all our supporters out there to do their part!  Faith-based film is still in its infancy, and many are taking huge risk to try and push this industry forward.  We need people to vote with their dollars.  What sort of content do you want to see more of?  The more these movies sell, the more distributors will be on the lookout to distribute them.  We need to prove demand and we all have a part to play!  For those of you who love shopping at Christian Bookstores, never fear, the film will be available there as well. :)

A yes or no from Walmart currently holds our release date in limbo.  It was previously August 19th but now looks to be sometime in September.  If they say yes, then the rest of our release will coordinate around their chosen release date, if they say no then we have a different plan.  Being patient while I wait to find out if the film will be accepted isn’t easy, so please pray for me.  The times of stress during this part of the process can be tremendous.  Having faith is important.  The reward can be great, and the lives impacted by these films are worth it, but it all comes at a cost.  There are a number of people who also graciously invested in this film and in my future, who’s money I’ve tried to steward well through the entire process.  One of my greatest concerns as a Producer is that their generosity and faith be rewarded with a return on their investment.  Every business decision is critical!  There are days I wish I was apart of a big team helping keep all these moving parts running smoothly, but right now that’s not where God has me.  As just a guy in a basement, the weight is heavy to finish well!  Pray for this film!  In many ways, all of you out there ARE my big team.  These films can’t exist with your help!

Thank you for supporting Praise Pictures and my filmmaking efforts.  God has really blessed the movie thus far, but the journey isn’t over.  Hands to the plow…

Kyle Prohaska
Director / Producer, Praise Pictures

Running Towards A Finish Line


Release time is coming faster then I’de like to believe some days!  The current plan is to release the film at the end of August with a delivery date for the master copy in mid-July.  That date is getting closer and closer!  The pressure is on!  We shot some crucial and very helpful pick ups last week with actors Jared Young and Jennifer Mercurio.  After getting feedback from over 60 people who have seen the film, we shot the new footage to right some wrongs.  No shame in that!  The film is better for it. :)  I hope to lock another reel of the film (if not two) before this week is over.  Composer Jurgen Beck has also begun work on the score.  It’ll be great to see what he comes up with as time this time around.  Jurgen scored my last film STANDING FIRM and did a fantastic job.

Something I started working on but haven’t had time to complete is the trailer for the film.  I can’t wait to get that done so I can really start up the marketing process!  I think you’re all really going to love seeing some of the footage we have.  In the meantime I’ve been working on the new website, and writing up press documents.  Wearing lots of hats doesn’t make things easy. :)  I’m writing this blog post at 3am currently.  Most of the work I do on the film is from about 11pm to 3am with my normal job taking up time from the time I get up until then.  It’s an exhausting schedule but having a job and being a filmmaker doesn’t give me much choice!  At some point there will be a massive press list to work through to line up interviews, reviews, and everything in-between.  I have a lot of heavy thinking (and scheduling) to do to make all this work!  For you independent filmmakers out there, you know why this is difficult and for those interested in making your own feature film one day, get ready, because the road is exhausting and long but well worth it!  I’m really looking forward to seeing what viewers have to say about this film.  I also need to finalize the DVD Cover ASAP which has been a challenge.  It’s hard to satisfy everybody with the cover and ultimately it comes down to attracting the buyer, not necessarily meeting the typical standards of what a DVD Cover or Poster should do!  I’m getting to the part of the process where I need to take the “artist” hat off and put on the “business” hat.  Looking at all my promotional material including trailers, press items, website, and everything else involved in an objective way is necessary for success.  I can’t be too close to the film that I blow it on the marketing end!  There’s nobody here but me to restrain myself, lol.

I’m happy to announce that the film will be mixed at The Erwin Brothers HQ in Birmingham, AL.  The Erwin Brothers are the fantastic team behind the hit film OCTOBER BABY and the upcoming comedy MOMS’ NIGHT OUT.  If you haven’t made plans to see MOMS’ NIGHT OUT on May 9th, you need to!  It’s a very good film that everyone can enjoy.  I know that sounds cliche, but having seen the film many times I give it my full endorsement.  It’s very funny!  I’m excited to have their sound man Stephen Preston mixing the movie at the end of June.  I know the film is going to sound its absolute best with his hands (and ears) on the job.

The jury is still out on whether or not the film will be on Wal-Mart shelves or in Redbox kiosks.  Getting into Redbox especially would be a huge blessing on the film so for those of you praying for its release and success, please pray Redbox comes through and accepts the film!  Given the films larger cost than the last movie, getting into some of these distribution avenues will greatly aid paying back the film.  Making investors happy is at the top of my priority list!  I do want to make another movie after all. ;)

Thanks everybody for your support!  If you haven’t yet, please sign up on our email list so you can get all the best information concerning the film as soon as its available, including pre-order information.  Feel free to look around the newly designed website as well.  I’ll be adding more to that as time goes on.


Kyle Prohaska, Director

LCA Prayer Requests #1


“Like” Love Covers All On Facebook

Films are unpredictable.  There are 10,000 moving parts.  This movie was very difficult in the writing stage, a breeze in the production stage, and so far very smooth in the post-production stage, but the clock is ticking.  Eventually, there’s gotta be a movie to deliver!  Here are some things I need prayer about as a release date this fall approaches quickly.

Locking The Cut: Due to some shots I don’t have yet, the edit isn’t locked.  It’s really close, but I have to start locking reels ASAP for my composer to begin work.  These shots are difficult to get when I work alone.  Pray I can schedule all that I need this month and get them done!  With so many other things going on (and my camera being rented out now and then) it’s hard to coordinate this, find help, and get this done.

Graphic Design: I need to get my DVD cover completed in the next month for distribution reasons.  Without even having a locked cut the deliverables for distributions are already falling down on me.  A cover for a film like this is insanely important and everyone has different opinions.  You can be sure I’ll lose sleep over this so prayers for peace on a design and whether or not to design it myself is appreciated.

Trailer: A movie trailer is the single most important thing for a film like mine from a marketing standpoint.  Other than a cover/poster it’s the first impression.  If it doesn’t stir the right emotions, if it doesn’t pitch the film well, if it’s poorly structured, if it’s mixed poorly, if it looks cheesy, etc. then it damages a film.  Creating the proper trailer for the target audience is a difficult challenge.  Finding music is a difficult challenge (the right music).  Besides writing the script and picking a DVD cover this honestly is one of my greater woes in the process.  I agonize over this!  Please pray the trailer turns out well.  I don’t want my judgement clouded.  The trailer needs to be great.  Thanks!

Marketing: I’ve been doing as much thinking as I can regarding the marketing for the film.  It’s a lot to think through as one guy.  Before I dive too deep into strategy I’ve been trying to nail down the common theme to champion in my campaign.  I know what my film is about, but figuring out the right way to package it for the buyer is a difficult task.  Making sure it’s clear, making sure the DVD Cover gels with it and the trailer, etc. is a challenge.  The movie needs to move into the marketplace and the marketing space with one voice.  I need to nail this!

Those are the greatest needs at the moment.  It’s a lot to handle, so prayers to keep my sanity is appreciated as well. ;)  I know things will work out in God’s time, but there are still active daily decisions to make that can impact the release in a big way.  Everything matters.  Thank you for your support!

- Kyle Prohaska, Director

Post-Production Update


Hello everybody! :)

I’m very happy to see the progress being made on the film.  The edit is in fantastic shape.  Thank you everyone who put in the time to watch it and give your feedback!  I think we have something special here.

Looking back on the progress so far, I can’t help but think of the long process that was my first movie Standing Firm.  Written from 2007-2008.  Shot June 2008 all the way through to November 2009 and released in August 2010.  Successful release, then Cable/VOD, then Redbox, etc.  It was such a long process and I had a ton of people on the internet tracking with me as things moved along.  This movie feels like a bullet compared to the last one!  It wasn’t long ago we were still shooting the film!  To have things moving along this swiftly is scary sometimes but the way it should be.  I want to get this movie out to the masses to be enjoyed so I can sit back down and write the next one in the pipeline. :)

There are a number of things to accomplish in the next few months.  The release plan for the film is August on DVD.  The sound-mix and score are left on the list, and locking the entire film as well.  Due to some VFX required and some other things, I’ll be splitting the film into more reels than is typical and locking some of them first.  I won’t be locking the entire film all at once.  Not 100% ideal, but not unlike a lot of movies.

I’ve tried to put my marketing cap on these last 2 months to start nailing down my plan.  This film doesn’t have the slow build up that the last one did.  It’s going to require a much louder and more effective push to be successful.  I have a number of things up my sleeve for that, but it takes a lot of heavy thinking and coordination.  Having a team for things like this is wonderful, but unfortunately for the most part I just have me. ;)  Very thankful to have friends and family around to support me though!  One of the biggest things on my list is determining the proper marketing angle for the film.  The lowest common denominator from a message/theme standpoint that I can champion and push all the marketing materials through.  Coming up with well formulated answers for interview questions, well honed synopsis for the website and press materials, shooting EPK’s with some of my local cast, etc.  There’s a ton to figure out!  All of this is necessary though for a successful marketing effort.  The website is in rotten shape as far as I’m concerned, but I haven’t had the time to give it attention.  Soon though I hope to have it up to speed and ready for all the eyeballs I hope to have on it in the next number of months.  The trailer is an on-going process.  I’ll only be releasing one that’s perfectly built for the audience I’m going after.  It needs to hit all the right beats and communicate the right things.  The same goes for the DVD Cover I end up with.  Every little detail matters!

Prayers appreciated for a successful release and effective marketing plan!  I can’t wait for you all to see it!

- Kyle Prohaska, Director