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Title Swap (Again) & Moving Forward

First we ran into trouble with our first title Breaking Chains due to another film of that title, then we changed it to Broken Chains after doing a lot of research and getting counsel from others.  THEN, I got an email from a distribution friend telling me there was another film called Broken Chains releasing in the Christian market in November.  Who would’ve thought that?  It seemed we couldn’t catch a break!

Finally after a lot of thought, suggestions from others (including my pastor!), we’ve settled on a title we’re going to keep.  Love Covers All is the new title of the next movie from Praise Pictures.  It’s been a major challenge trying to get this simple (but important) part of the process right.  Some folks online last time we changed the title had the nerve to say “If the project was really spirit led, you would’ve known what to call it the first time.”  Such a shame how little grace some have. :)  But whatever, our heads are up and we’re moving forward into filming in about 2 weeks.

The script has continued to be polished and we’ve still been looking for locations and the rest of our cast.  A tight deadline to be sure, but I think we’ll make it just fine.  There’s an element of faith to the process here, and trusting God to bring everything (even the right title) in his timing.

Thank you for your prayers so far.  We have a long road ahead and much to do.  Thank you so much for supporting Praise Pictures and our next movie.

- Kyle Prohaska

Pre-Production Madness

time-tickingThings are in full swing here at Praise Pictures HQ aka my basement. :)  Yesterday I met with a possible lead for the film who’s also a filmmaker in the area with his brother.  They have various resources they’re open to providing and know many mutual folks in the area which is always helpful.  They even were able to find us the RV we need for the film as a prop.  No locations are secured yet except for my own home which we will be shooting at for approximately 1/3rd of the shooting days in September.  The current plan is a 20 day shoot with 2 days a week off so we can recharge, have our sundays, and of course prepare for the following week.  We’ll probably spend half our saturdays sleeping and then figuring out what needs to be done to tie loose ends for the following week!  20 days is fairly quick but for the script size it should keep the page count per day to a decent amount.  The script is coming in at around 90-95 pages.  I’m still continuing to trim and polish and fix some issues as the script is being read by some more folks.  I’ve also gone in to change some things to help accommodate our production’s size.  I made sure in story development I kept all these things in mind so there haven’t been any major things to change.  This is a very doable script from a resources standpoint.  We do have one critical location, an old gas station, that is critical to the film and finding one has been difficult.  I have one that’s PERFECT I must visit, so prayers that the owners would be happy to accommodate and God would have favor on us are important!

My wife Denise has been busy researching some furniture we need to buy to house some of our crew.  It looks like we’ll have our Assistant Director (Dustin Ledden), Unit Production Manager (Nathan Webster), Production Designer (Johnny Reighard), Director of Photography (Ethan Ledden) and his wife Ashley our 1st Assistant Camera all in our home during the shooting period.  A tight squeeze but our home is mostly empty at the moment.  We have the bedroom space and our upstairs bathroom has double sinks which will come in handy!  It will make pre-production easier once Nathan and Dustin arrive since they’ll be right here with me.  I look forward to them arriving the week of August 11th!  It’s getting close!

To be honest I’m getting very anxious to shoot.  I just want to see how this thing is going to come together.  Of course all the typical jitters exist.  Does the script stink?  Will the film be any good?  How will I find the rest of my cast in time?  Will any of my investors back out?  Is there some massive oversight that’s going to cost me money I don’t have?  How will I take care of my family financially while we make the film?  So many things on my mind, but I’m trusting God to provide all we need.  At the current time I’m making the film for free so all the investment and donations from the site are going right into the film and the needs of others.  I’ve been busy making every dollar I can in hopes that we’ll have enough stored up by the end of August for September to go smoothly.  2013 has been a rough year financially so I hope after the film shoot is over things can pick up a bit.  I originally wanted to raise far more money, throw myself a small salary, and work full-time on the film but that turned out to be a pipe dream.  I just couldn’t raise the amount needed.  I’m blessed to have raised what little I have.  The film has been stripped down to its bare necessities while holding the most important things in place like cast/crew pay, food, and a few other things.  One of the major goals for this film wasn’t just to make a good product, but to come away from the production confident that others were treated well and look forward to coming back a second time.  I want people to be paid a decent wage, be satisfied, have fun, treat each other with respect and reconcile when issues occur, and leave this production without massive horror stories to tell others.  The production needs to honor the Lord in every way, so I’m doing what I can to try and facilitate an environment where that can be encouraged and championed.  Hiring good people is a key to this so I’ve been very careful about who I’ve chosen and why.  I’m very happy to have a lot of the Filmweavers crew on the film, who have all worked together before.  Many of my crew members know each other well already, and this was done on purpose!

Please pray for me as I have 10,000 things to do and very little time to do them.  I have my own bills to pay on top of that.  I hope this blog can give a little insight into the tremendous challenge these movies are, and the sacrifice it takes to make them possible.  These aren’t get rich quick schemes.  They are very difficult and for this one in particular I’m putting a lot on the line.  I’m thankfully to have my wife supportive of the project, despite its stresses and pressures on me and ultimately my home.  Being an independent filmmaker, there’s only so much you can do to keep work “at work.”  I love you Denise, thanks for blessing me with yourself!

Lots to do…prayers are always appreciated!

- Kyle Prohaska

Welcome to the Love Covers All Movie Blog!


Using this blog I will be taking you on the journey with us as me and my cast/crew create “LOVE COVERS ALL,” the next movie from my company Praise Pictures.  When we released “Standing Firm” in 2010, the response to the film was overwhelming.  Lord willing, this next movie will impact even more people then the last.

Keep an eye on this blog and share it with others.  You will find BTS videos, photos, and more!  I will also be posting rather candidly about our prayer needs and other things so be sure to check back.  Right now you can pray for our pre-production process as we continue to prep for shooting time in September.  I’m currently casting the film, looking for locations, getting the bank accounts setup, payroll, etc.  It’s a ton of work!  Pray for wisdom, discernment, and ENERGY as all these things come together so we’re ready for our production start date.

Thank you so much for your support…God Bless!

Kyle Prohaska