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LOVE COVERS ALL – Prayer Request Update


Do you love Christian movies?  Do you want to see more of them?  My company Praise Pictures is a movie studio dedicated to making films with spiritual impact.  LOVE COVERS ALL is the next movie from Praise Pictures and will be released on DVD October 7th.

You’ll be able to get it online at sites like and Amazon as well as Christian Bookstores like Lifeway and Family Christian.  The trailer for the film will be releasing soon so keep your eyes open!

LCA-Cover-Test29jc-REDBOX5_trajanThe film isn’t complete yet and there are a lot of things to be done.  The next 30-40 days are crucial and I need your help.  I do not have a large team.  Praise Pictures headquarters operates out of the office at home.  This is no big corporation with a large team!  The encouraging posts I put up daily on our Facebook page that have inspired and encouraged so many of you are made right here at my desk. :)  The way I see it, you supporters out there ARE MY TEAM!  Will you pray for me?  Some of the things I need prayer for are the following:

- The completion of the films music by composer Jurgen Beck.  He is working hard everyday to meet his deadline.  Please pray that God would Bless his efforts and that the music would be inspired by the Holy Spirit.

- Pray for the team in TN who are working on the sound-mix for the film.  Sound is crucial to a films success.  Pray God Blesses their efforts!

- Pray for God’s Blessing on distribution of the film.  I have been working hard talking to international distributors in hopes of getting the film placed in other countries as well as US TV stations.  I want this film to impact as many people as possible!  God’s favor in these things is a must.

- Pray for those who will be impacted by this film when it comes out October 7th.  I know the power that movies and media can have in the lives of others, so please pray that God Blesses the message of LOVE COVERS ALL and uses it to impact many.

- Pray that God would create a social media firestorm when our movie trailer releases soon.  Pray that people would respond and share the video with their friends and family.  We need to start making a buzz so people around the country can start hearing about this movie!

- Pray for me and my family in this very busy and difficult time.  Filmmaking can be time consuming and stressful.  Our movie is important, but no movie is worth the spiritual health of any family!  Pray God sustains us in this season.

Thank you for your prayers!  I think LOVE COVERS ALL has the potential to succeed my expectations but without the favor of God and the support of His Church…it’s not going to happen.  God Bless You!

- Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

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