A Busy Month


This month has been pretty crazy trying to finish LOVE COVERS ALL.  I’m preparing to leave for Nashville this weekend for the final Sound-Mix.  That means my music composer Jurgen Beck is going to be working day and night this week to complete the final music for the film.  Along with the cleaned up sound and dialog, Jurgen’s wonderful music will be mixed in and balanced so you all can enjoy the film, hear things clearly, and feel the emotion in the right doses!

I’m starting to feel the weight of release coming down on me.  So much hangs in the balance and must be juggled every day to keep moving forward.  Who’s handling what?  What are the schedules?  Can I make my delivery date?  How are the foreign deals going?  Can I afford everything ahead of me?  How’s my family doing?  How’s my job going?  How am I doing?  When do I sleep?  You get the picture!  Many have teams to handle this sort of thing.  I have me, a supportive wife, and an online community of friends and family who are rooting for me.

Some sites are listing the movie for Pre-Order.  The best place right now is ChristianBook.com so if you’re interested, go for it! The trailer for the movie was also released last friday which seemed to get a good response from people.  The real challenge ahead is the marketing and trying to keep my head on straight with so many other things to do.  I know they say never bet the farm but it sure feels like I am on this one.  I’m selling camera gear and anything I have lying around to have as much marketing money as possible.  Go big or go home I guess!

On a road like this you have many days where you wonder “Why do I even do this!?” or “What is the point?”  These last months before a release is where the stress, anxiety, and darkness really closes in on you if you’re not careful.  Of course, God helps lift you out of that rut, but this is a tough road to hoe, and most days you feel like a boxer against the ropes.  If I look to myself for strength, I will fail miserably.  Please, pray for me.  Pray for me, my wife, and my kids.  This job can take its toll on a household!

For those of you reading, I appreciate your support.  When you hold the DVD of LOVE COVERS ALL in your hand on October 7…Praise God…and thank Him…I know I will.  Any film that gets completed let alone released is a miracle.  To put it plainly, I need you, this film needs you, I think you’re going to enjoy it, and Lord Willing when it’s over, you’ll find yourself edified, inspired, and ready to face the day with Christ on your mind and love in your heart.

Hands to the plow,
Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

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One thought on “A Busy Month

  1. Paul Munger

    Beautifully said and as a fellow filmmaker I can attest to The veracity of everything you said! If we keep our eyes on the primary goal, that is, to glorify God in all we do, then we will be able to stay the course when the days grow dark and difficult. I have full confidence that you will reap in due time, my friend, if you faint not.


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