A Different Kind Of Christian Movie?


The next movie from Praise Pictures called LOVE COVERS ALL is now available on DVD.  But what’s it about?  What’s the story?  What makes it different?

When I sat down to write the next movie I would make, I had certain key goals in mind.  Things I wanted to accomplish and improve on as a filmmaker, and also a desire to do something a bit different, something uncommon.  The average Christian movie with a Christian character shows that person living their life, doing what they should be doing most of the time, quoting Bible verses or sharing truth with others.  All of this is fine, but I thought it was time we saw something else, and saw the Christian life from a different angle, a more relatable angle.  I don’t know about you, but most of the time I’m not quoting Bible verses and saying the right things when I interact with others.  Sometimes I say the wrong thing, I make mistakes, I get angry, prayer can be the last thing on my mind in a moment of frustration, and sometimes all of these bad traits are seen by others, people who expect more from me (rightfully so) as a Christian.

This is something I don’t see in a lot of faith-based movies.  Often, the Christian is the one with the answers, the one who swoops in to save the angry-athiest or the lost soul.  I think what struck me when sitting down to write this film, is that more often than not, we’re the ones that need saving.  The Christian life isn’t about being the savior, it’s about being the saved, and in living that out pointing to the one who IS the Savior.  But we don’t always point to Christ do we?  Sometimes we do stupid things, and the world sees us at our worst.  This was something I wanted to explore with the story of LOVE COVERS ALL and it’s characters.  I wanted to explore a difficult subject, but lead to a redemptive conclusion that could inspire others!  Did I accomplish what I’m explaining?  When the film releases, I’ll let all of you be the judge of that. ;)

In this film, our main character named Michael is put in a pressure-cooker of a situation when his wife Sarah goes into labor while he’s away on a business trip.  Things get more complicated when his car breaks down on the way home.  Stranded in the middle of the night, he bumps into an old gas station owner named Bob who helps Michael in his dilemma.  But as the night progresses and the birth gets closer, Michael’s options to get home grow thin, and Bob’s real intentions come to light as he pokes and prods Michael with questions about himself and his faith.  Michael, being in a difficult situation, doesn’t respond the way one “should” but in the way most of us “would.”  Angry, confused, and concerned about his wife, Michael’s response to Bob’s continued questioning is anything but Christian…leading both men and the entire night to a conclusion neither of them expect.

I think it’s time we see more films about Christian life as it really is.  Hopefully by God’s Grace this movie can serve as an example.  Sometimes we mess up, and in our failure, Christ has a chance to shine.  In our failure and our need to apologize, God shows His Grace to us and to others through us.  The moments that grow us the most are the moments that test us the most!  I wanted to take the typical paradigm of a Christian movie and flip it on its head.  Sometimes it takes an outsider, someone outside our bubble of Christianity, to show us who we really are!

When you see this movie, I hope you’re challenged and inspired.  I hope the message of the film captures you and causes you to reflect on the testimony we leave in front of others.  You never know when someone is watching!  But when we do make mistakes (not if, but when), LOVE is the answer.  LOVE from God pumping through us and transforming us, and in return transforming other people.  When storms come and your faith is tested, it’s never too late for the fresh start!

Please pray for me as I finish up Post-Production on this film, ramp up the marketing, and get ready for the films release.  Any film that gets completed is a miracle, and I thank God every day for bringing me this far.  I’m so grateful for all of you on our Facebook page!  God has really Blessed us with an exploding fan base who I hope will enjoy the movie and give it a look.  Lord willing, if the film does well enough, we’ll be able to do another!  That’s the goal anyway! :)  Prayers appreciated for me and my family during this busy time!  Every supporter matters!

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God Bless,
Kyle Prohaska, Praise Pictures

2 thoughts on “A Different Kind Of Christian Movie?

  1. regina roush

    Hallelujah!! Hollywood just doesn’t get it…I’ve been saying for years. Really good movies can keep us entertained without the nasty language and/or inappropriate scenes. Im tired of having movie night with my husband and college age daughters, only to have to get up and leave the room because I’ve had it with the f word!! Troubles my spirit….always has. I tell everyone, Charles Schulz, creator of Peanuts and Charlie Brown, never swore his entire life, as he said he doesnt like “ugly” words.

    I look forward to seeing your movie. Keep up the good work!!!!!

    Thanks, Regina Roush


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