Do You Have An Untested Faith?

Do you lead a life of untested faith?  Where do you turn when troubles hit?  Do you run?  Do you hide?  Is your faith a strong shield of protection or is it soft and brittle?  It’s true, living a life of unapologetic faith in Christ is costly, but what about the alternative and the cost of that longterm?

In my new movie LOVE COVERS ALL, I wanted to approach a topic as a filmmaker that is as untested as the faith of so many in America (including mine if I can be perfectly honest with you).  I wanted to see a story with a Christian character who had some real issues to deal with.  Often for films made for the Christian audience, the movie focuses more on validation.  The Christian character is rarely flawed.  He says a lot of the right things, does a lot of the right things, etc.  We rarely get a glimpse of something real, a glimpse of that snippet of time in our lives when things are exceptionally bad.  There are lessons to be learned in those moments.  It might not be as comfortable, but who in their right mind would stay at any church where feelings and validation trump truth and preparation?  Is that a church worth attending, or a ministry led by a preacher worth listening to?  Movies that validate and encourage are perfectly fine, we all need a little encouragement now and then, and in the end LOVE COVERS ALL is an encouraging film, but to reach redemption, there is a journey to take and a storm to wade through.

Going through the fire makes us stronger.  It’s important in these faith-based movies coming out that more reality be introduced now and then.  The Christian can’t always be the one with the right answers.  Sometimes we simply don’t have them, though the romanticized lens we love to look at ourselves through would say different.  Sometimes the spiritual smack upside the head doesn’t come from a likely source.  There are times when the comments or observations of an unbeliever or a skeptic show us who we really are.  It’s always amazing to me when God uses someone unexpected to teach us lessons, sometimes deep theological lessons.  Are you looking for those opportunities to grow and learn?

I think we need more stories out there with a Christian worldview that take characters with faith in Christ through the muck, the dirt, and the storms.  Christian movies or movies about topics of faith are so important in our culture.  Honest stories that provide a mirror for us in our day-to-day, that give us something to ponder and chew on when they’re over.  I hope that LOVE COVERS ALL encouraged you to examine yourself and your relationships with others.  I hope it inspires you to watch how you walk before others and the witness you’re leaving.  These are important issues to think about.  The world is broken, Christ is the answer, and we have the Gospel.  What are we waiting for?

If you get yourself a copy of LOVE COVERS ALL on DVD, I hope it’s encouraging and edifying to you and your family and that you share it with everyone you can. Help me get the message of this movie out there! :)


Kyle Prohaska, Director
Praise Pictures

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