LCA Prayer Requests #1


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Films are unpredictable.  There are 10,000 moving parts.  This movie was very difficult in the writing stage, a breeze in the production stage, and so far very smooth in the post-production stage, but the clock is ticking.  Eventually, there’s gotta be a movie to deliver!  Here are some things I need prayer about as a release date this fall approaches quickly.

Locking The Cut: Due to some shots I don’t have yet, the edit isn’t locked.  It’s really close, but I have to start locking reels ASAP for my composer to begin work.  These shots are difficult to get when I work alone.  Pray I can schedule all that I need this month and get them done!  With so many other things going on (and my camera being rented out now and then) it’s hard to coordinate this, find help, and get this done.

Graphic Design: I need to get my DVD cover completed in the next month for distribution reasons.  Without even having a locked cut the deliverables for distributions are already falling down on me.  A cover for a film like this is insanely important and everyone has different opinions.  You can be sure I’ll lose sleep over this so prayers for peace on a design and whether or not to design it myself is appreciated.

Trailer: A movie trailer is the single most important thing for a film like mine from a marketing standpoint.  Other than a cover/poster it’s the first impression.  If it doesn’t stir the right emotions, if it doesn’t pitch the film well, if it’s poorly structured, if it’s mixed poorly, if it looks cheesy, etc. then it damages a film.  Creating the proper trailer for the target audience is a difficult challenge.  Finding music is a difficult challenge (the right music).  Besides writing the script and picking a DVD cover this honestly is one of my greater woes in the process.  I agonize over this!  Please pray the trailer turns out well.  I don’t want my judgement clouded.  The trailer needs to be great.  Thanks!

Marketing: I’ve been doing as much thinking as I can regarding the marketing for the film.  It’s a lot to think through as one guy.  Before I dive too deep into strategy I’ve been trying to nail down the common theme to champion in my campaign.  I know what my film is about, but figuring out the right way to package it for the buyer is a difficult task.  Making sure it’s clear, making sure the DVD Cover gels with it and the trailer, etc. is a challenge.  The movie needs to move into the marketplace and the marketing space with one voice.  I need to nail this!

Those are the greatest needs at the moment.  It’s a lot to handle, so prayers to keep my sanity is appreciated as well. ;)  I know things will work out in God’s time, but there are still active daily decisions to make that can impact the release in a big way.  Everything matters.  Thank you for your support!

- Kyle Prohaska, Director

4 thoughts on “LCA Prayer Requests #1

  1. Morgan Simpson


    I wish you the best of luck. Editing under a timeline is a blessing and a curse because it’s motivation but it’s a lot of pressure as you know. I am very supportive of you, your family, and this project.

    I wish you the very best and I try to thank God and pray for you every time I think of you.

  2. Tim Stetson

    All of us here in Vermont are praying for you, your family and the project. As you agonize over pieces of the project if you want someone to bounce ideas and thoughts off from … just send them along and both my wife and I will be glad to share input. I am sure there are other followers of your work that would too! God Bless?


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