A New Christian Movie Goes DIGITAL


Like anybody else, I sometimes get caught in the whirlwind of technology.  It changes so fast!  Remember VHS?  Laserdisc?  Where’d they go!?  It was DVD, then HD DVD and Blu-ray, and now Digital is starting to make it’s mark.  What’s the big deal?  Well…

It’s no secret that the church tends to be the last in embracing new arts and technology.  The Christian film industry is still so new!  We left this art form alone for decades while it grew in the secular space!  It’s time to be on the bleeding edge and leading the charge, not following the world from behind!  New ways of viewing movies can be intimidating but hopefully for some of you on the edge, we can offer some help.  It’s true, most will see our next movie LOVE COVERS ALL on DVD, and that’s perfectly fine, but some want it a different way.  We’re offering a Digital Purchase Option of the movie through a revolutionary platform called VHX.  I’ve interacted with them personally and they’ve proven to be extremely kind and supportive.

After ordering you’ll get a link in your email inbox to stream the movie right there on your computer, tablet, or phone!  What about downloading?  That’s the beauty!  You can stream or download the film itself along with all the bonus features that are included on the DVD version.  This is a new concept for some.  For those more comfortable with platforms like iTunes or Amazon VOD, it will be available there as well, so don’t worry!

One crucial strength of the Digital release is it makes the film available in countries that could never get the DVD.  It doesn’t matter what country you’re in, if you have an internet connection, you’ll have access to this movie and it’s message.  This is a fantastic opportunity!  Who knows how far the message could spread?  If you know anyone in another country who may enjoy this film, be sure to send them the link, there’s no reason they should miss out!

Pre-Order on Digital

Pre-Order on DVD


Kyle Prohaska, Director
Praise Pictures

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