Post-Production Update

Rusty Whitener as BOB in "Love Covers All"

Rusty Whitener as BOB in “Love Covers All”

Things have been really busy here at the “office” since I last updated you.  By office of course I mean the basement of my home where Praise Pictures operates from. :)  For those of you who don’t know, I’m a 25 year old father of 2 now living in North GA with my beautiful wife.  We came down here from NY State a few years ago.  Praise Pictures isn’t some massive corporation with a ton of employees.  I run everything here from home, and my wife helps handle the filing of paperwork.  Most filmmakers trying to make God honoring content work like this out of their home.  We support our families with what we do, and we work very hard!  It’s important to me that those who support my company understand who they’re supporting.  If you order a copy of LOVE COVERS ALL when it debuts on DVD in the fall, you’re helping support a company but also helping support me and I’m very grateful for that.  That begs the question, how is the film doing?

Things are going very well!  The score and sound-mix is underway which is exciting.  The music so far sounds wonderful and should add a lot to the final product.  I’ve just recently hired a company in Franklin, TN to mix the sound and they’ve been a joy to work with.  The trailer for the film is nearly completed with a sound-mix scheduled locally on friday.  I can’t wait to show you what this film is all about!  I’m still determining the ideal time to debut the trailer so stay tuned for that!

Distribution has been the greatest struggle on the film and the area where I could use the most prayer.  Not because things are going so badly but because they’re going so well!  I have an opportunity to get this film in front of far more people than the previous movie STANDING FIRM.  This is exciting, but it also means there’s a lot of work to do.  Possible distribution through avenues like Redbox and Walmart currently hang in the balance.  This would be HUGE for a film like mine.  However, along with that distribution comes a heavy financial responsibility.  The investment alone to put enough copies on Walmart shelves is daunting.  A great return requires a great risk.  No matter what distribution avenue you support the film from, I’m counting on all our supporters out there to do their part!  Faith-based film is still in its infancy, and many are taking huge risk to try and push this industry forward.  We need people to vote with their dollars.  What sort of content do you want to see more of?  The more these movies sell, the more distributors will be on the lookout to distribute them.  We need to prove demand and we all have a part to play!  For those of you who love shopping at Christian Bookstores, never fear, the film will be available there as well. :)

A yes or no from Walmart currently holds our release date in limbo.  It was previously August 19th but now looks to be sometime in September.  If they say yes, then the rest of our release will coordinate around their chosen release date, if they say no then we have a different plan.  Being patient while I wait to find out if the film will be accepted isn’t easy, so please pray for me.  The times of stress during this part of the process can be tremendous.  Having faith is important.  The reward can be great, and the lives impacted by these films are worth it, but it all comes at a cost.  There are a number of people who also graciously invested in this film and in my future, who’s money I’ve tried to steward well through the entire process.  One of my greatest concerns as a Producer is that their generosity and faith be rewarded with a return on their investment.  Every business decision is critical!  There are days I wish I was apart of a big team helping keep all these moving parts running smoothly, but right now that’s not where God has me.  As just a guy in a basement, the weight is heavy to finish well!  Pray for this film!  In many ways, all of you out there ARE my big team.  These films can’t exist with your help!

Thank you for supporting Praise Pictures and my filmmaking efforts.  God has really blessed the movie thus far, but the journey isn’t over.  Hands to the plow…

Kyle Prohaska
Director / Producer, Praise Pictures

2 thoughts on “Post-Production Update

  1. Nancy DiFrancesco

    My sister (whom I live with) and I love these types of movies and today I bought all 5 of them. There are 4 and 1 describes how they made one of the movies. I can’t wait to get them so we can watch them. Also I will let you no in advance I will be ordering your next movie “Love conquers All” I will also look forward to more movies from your company. Thank you for taking the risk and not being afraid to mention God and praying in your movies. I believe everyone , eventually comes back to Gods faith.

    Thank you’
    Nancy DiFrancesco

  2. Paula Frazier


    Bless you for doing the Lord’s work by getting his Word out there through film. I love that Christian-themed films are gaining in popularity. Keep doing what you’re doing and you will grow beyond your wildest imagination. He always has a plan…

    I would love to give you my tithe (not much, only $24.00), but I hope that it helps a bit.

    Please let me know how to get it to you.


    Paula Frazier


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