Post-Production Update


Hello everybody! :)

I’m very happy to see the progress being made on the film.  The edit is in fantastic shape.  Thank you everyone who put in the time to watch it and give your feedback!  I think we have something special here.

Looking back on the progress so far, I can’t help but think of the long process that was my first movie Standing Firm.  Written from 2007-2008.  Shot June 2008 all the way through to November 2009 and released in August 2010.  Successful release, then Cable/VOD, then Redbox, etc.  It was such a long process and I had a ton of people on the internet tracking with me as things moved along.  This movie feels like a bullet compared to the last one!  It wasn’t long ago we were still shooting the film!  To have things moving along this swiftly is scary sometimes but the way it should be.  I want to get this movie out to the masses to be enjoyed so I can sit back down and write the next one in the pipeline. :)

There are a number of things to accomplish in the next few months.  The release plan for the film is August on DVD.  The sound-mix and score are left on the list, and locking the entire film as well.  Due to some VFX required and some other things, I’ll be splitting the film into more reels than is typical and locking some of them first.  I won’t be locking the entire film all at once.  Not 100% ideal, but not unlike a lot of movies.

I’ve tried to put my marketing cap on these last 2 months to start nailing down my plan.  This film doesn’t have the slow build up that the last one did.  It’s going to require a much louder and more effective push to be successful.  I have a number of things up my sleeve for that, but it takes a lot of heavy thinking and coordination.  Having a team for things like this is wonderful, but unfortunately for the most part I just have me. ;)  Very thankful to have friends and family around to support me though!  One of the biggest things on my list is determining the proper marketing angle for the film.  The lowest common denominator from a message/theme standpoint that I can champion and push all the marketing materials through.  Coming up with well formulated answers for interview questions, well honed synopsis for the website and press materials, shooting EPK’s with some of my local cast, etc.  There’s a ton to figure out!  All of this is necessary though for a successful marketing effort.  The website is in rotten shape as far as I’m concerned, but I haven’t had the time to give it attention.  Soon though I hope to have it up to speed and ready for all the eyeballs I hope to have on it in the next number of months.  The trailer is an on-going process.  I’ll only be releasing one that’s perfectly built for the audience I’m going after.  It needs to hit all the right beats and communicate the right things.  The same goes for the DVD Cover I end up with.  Every little detail matters!

Prayers appreciated for a successful release and effective marketing plan!  I can’t wait for you all to see it!

- Kyle Prohaska, Director

4 thoughts on “Post-Production Update

    1. Kyle Prohaska Post author

      Hoping to hit DVD towards the end of August in Christian Bookstores, Walmart, Redbox (soon after), Cable VOD, Digital Download, etc. We’re calling all cars baby! :)

  1. Martin

    Good to see that progress is being made quicker. That’s the key.

    VFX have cause our post-production to slow down from our last one but we’re making progress toward the conclusion as well.

    Good luck with the marketing plans, I know that can be a challenge.



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