Love Covers All

cast & crew

Jared Young (Michael)

Spending the last 8 years deeply involved in many facets of the entertainment industry, Jared Young plays the lead role of Michael in LOVE COVERS ALL. His an innate eye for quality along with an uncompromising spirit to improve his craft has resulted in an impressive resume in a short period of time. Along side his twin brother, Matthew Young, Jared has created and starred in shows for the likes of, "VeggieTales" creator Phil Vischer, and directed feature films starring Burt Reynolds, and Tom Sizemore.

rusty whitener (bob)

Actor, novelist, and screenplay writer, Rusty Whitener plays the role of Bob in LOVE COVERS ALL. His screenplay “Touched” (which went onto become the film SEASON OF MIRACLES) won the Kairos Prize at the MovieGuide Awards in Beverly Hills and First Place at the Gideon Media Arts Conference. Some of his recent feature film credits include movies like ALONE YET NOT ALONE, UNDAUNTED, A MATTER OF TIME, and 11 SECONDS.

JenNIFER mercurio (sarah)

In her first starring role in a feature film, Jennifer Mercurio plays Sarah in LOVE COVERS ALL. Jennifer plays opposite Jared Young, whom she previously shared the screen with in the award winning short film ELIJAH, for which she won Best Actress in the 2013 Atlanta 48 Hour Film Festival. Jennifer's first feature length original screenplay, STILL, is currently in pre-production. When Jennifer is not acting or writing, she is living her full-time dream job as a mommy to three beautiful boys.

rhoda griffis (judy)

No stranger to television, theatre, or film, veteran actor Rhoda Griffis plays Michael’s mother Judy in LOVE COVERS ALL. Lighting up the stage since the age of 7, she’s brought her enthusiasm and spunk to over half a dozen theatre productions. Some of her latest feature film credits include roles in MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, 42, THE BLIND SIDE, FLIGHT, and WE ARE MARSHALL. In addition, she’s appeared in re-occurring roles on television shows like “Drop Dead Diva” and Lifetime’s “Army Wives.”


A seasoned actor of film, television, music videos, and commercials, Jason Burkey plays Michael’s best friend John in LOVE COVERS ALL. Originally from Chicago, Jason's feature film credits include MOMS’ NIGHT OUT, A LONG WAY OFF, COFFEE SHOP, THE SCREENWRITERS, LUKEWARM, FOR THE GLORY, and A MATTER OF TIME for which he also shares a screenwriting credit.


Actress, model & inspirational speaker Shannen Fields plays the role of Dr. Mitchell in LOVE COVERS ALL. In addition to her love for acting, Shannen has a heartfelt passion for speaking into the lives of women of all ages. Other than her well known role as Brooke Taylor in FACING THE GIANTS, Shannen’s feature film credits also include THE GRIDDLE HOUSE, SUING THE DEVIL, RUMORS OF WARS, MY NAME IS PAUL, HERO, and ADOPTED.


Actor, and former Naval Officer Rusty Martin Sr. plays the role of David, Michael’s father, in LOVE COVERS ALL. Since his role as Mr. Tyson in the 2011 hit film COURAGEOUS, Rusty has appeared in other films like DESTINY ROAD, THE CARRINGTON EVENT, 11 SECONDS, A LONG WAY OFF, and the upcoming film PRINCESS CUT, where he acted alongside his son Rusty Martin as his on-screen father.


A well known comedian and actor, Michael Joiner makes a special appearance as Max in LOVE COVERS ALL. He's best known as one of the nation's funniest "clean" comedians and for his starring role as Mac in THE GRACE CARD. He has been called, "One of the funniest, most original standup comedians working today," by TV Guide. In addition to appearing in major comedy clubs across the country, Michael has written for "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno." He has also appeared in various film, television, and commercial roles.


Raleigh, NC native Rusty Martin Jr. makes a special appearance as Jimmy in LOVE COVERS ALL. Since his breakout role as Dylan in the 2011 hit film COURAGEOUS, Rusty has appeared in many other films in the faith-based arena including PARANORMAL, PRAY 3D, JACKSON'S RUN, GRAMPS GOES TO COLLEGE, PRINCESS CUT, and POLYCARP: DESTROYER OF GODS.

kyle prohaska (writer / Director)

LOVE COVERS ALL is the second feature film from Kyle Prohaska where he served as Writer, Producer, Director, and Editor. His debut feature STANDING FIRM, released in 2010 to surprise success. Since 2007, Kyle has used his broad skill-set to provide services for some of the most popular movies (and filmmakers) in faith-based retail including A MATTER OF FAITH, THE GRACE CARD, OCTOBER BABY, TIME CHANGER, THE SECRETS OF JONATHAN SPERRY, and AMAZING LOVE. Now based in Atlanta, GA, Kyle works together with his wife Denise developing new movies for faith-based audiences while they take care of their two children Calvin and Evelyn.