Love Covers All


"LOVE COVERS ALL is storytelling at its best. The movie perfectly exemplifies forgiveness, redemption, second chances, faith and love. This isn’t just a great Christian movie, it is a great movie."

-- Tim Wildmon, President, American Family Association

"LOVE COVERS ALL is a faith-friendly movie that challenges Christians and non-Christians alike."

-- the dove foundation (5 / 5)

"LOVE COVERS ALL digs deeply into what it means to be Christian and what it means to love one another. It is highly commended by MOVIEGUIDE®."

-- Ted baehr, movieguide

"A lot of Christian films come across my desk...few of them show as much character as LOVE COVERS ALL."

-- True STory Christian Movies

"A powerful story that is sure to reach the hearts of all who watch it."

-- FaithFlix Films

"LOVE COVERS ALL is an awesome story of God’s redemptive love and grace. It's never to late to start a new life in Christ!"

-- TJ Harris, decyfer down

"LOVE COVERS ALL is a film with a story that challenges us as believers, a film that can really connect with people on a personal level. Most importantly, it's a reminder to all of us that through Christ, it's never too late for a second chance."

-- Jay Heilman, Founder,